Which binoculars are best for safari?

Binoculars form your perfect holiday companion when your plan to travel on your safari holiday. An experienced traveler would definitely carry high-quality binoculars to capture wildlife, bird’s movement, and Big games played by forest’s giants like an elephant, Tiger, Lion, etc. There are varieties of options available for the binoculars like birding binoculars, travel and hunting binoculars to capture adventurous moments live.

Therefore, we are here to help you decide which Binoculars are best for your safari holiday:

Prefer Tough design

On your safari holiday, carrying a flimsy pair of binoculars could easily drop and get damaged. So always look for a pair of binoculars designed with robust rubber-armored covering and a protective case for housing when not in use.

If you plan to walk around the bush, make sure your binoculars lenses are deep inside because this safety will protect your lenses from any kind of scratches. Your binoculars objective lens should come along with a good quality lens cover that can be easily covered to add life to your lens.

Compact design

Binoculars are available in various sizes like full-size, mid-size, and compact one and the objective lens size being 42mm or larger, 32-36mm, and 21-28mm resp. When you are traveling, you would prefer to have compact sized binoculars that can easily fit in your luggage everywhere.

Compact design Binoculars are very important to carry when you are planning your safari holiday. The only advantage of these compact Binoculars is the size, and there are many disadvantages associated with it as well. So, many travelers prefer to buy mid and full-sized binocular only despite their weight and extra size.

Advantages of full-sized Binoculars over compact ones for safari holiday:

  1. Due to large lens size, you can capture more area and better quality picture at brighter lights. Because of their larger objective lenses full sized and even mid-sized binoculars are
  2. On your safari holiday, you may not get even lighting throughout the day, especially at night. This time, you may need a larger lens to capture the moments in detail. Compact Binoculars may not give the perfect image and quality.
  3. Full-sized binoculars cover more area of view as compared to the compact Binoculars at the same level of magnification. If you don’t want to spend money in Full-sized but don’t want to buy a compact as well, you can opt to choose mid-sized binoculars that are nothing but a combination of two at reasonable rates.

Waterproof design

If you are traveling in a rainy season, you must buy waterproof binoculars else you would simply end up wasting your money on binoculars that don’t even work in the rain.

Binocular’s Waterproof design not only protects your lens from unwanted moisture accumulation but also it protects your binoculars from dry and dusty conditions. No debris or dust particles can enter and block your view while you are on your way to capturing an exemplary image of wildlife and many other amazing beauties of the planet Earth.

We have listed some of the parameters that can help you choose the best binoculars for your safari holiday.

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Which Binoculars are more Powerful?

Are you interested in buying the most powerful Binoculars? You must learn the basic rule of optics before you finalize any model:

Low magnification:

Low Magnification Binoculars are better to capture a wide field of view, and they have good tendency to hold images at the steady condition as well.

Objective Lens:

Larger the lens size the heavier its size would be but the brightness of the shots being captured would definitely improve.

The number on the lens would give you an idea of the magnification and lens size. So, when you go to buy binoculars, you can check binocular’s power by checking these two parameters.

Taking an example, if you come across a number “15×70,” here the first number 15 is the magnification size means the image size would be 15 times larger than the original size. This simply clears the fact that the larger the number, the more will be the power of the lens.

Let us see some of the powerful Binoculars available in the market:

Sunagor Mega Zoom Binoculars

Sunagor Mega Zoom Binoculars, world’s powerful binoculars capturing images at 30-160x magnification. There are many advantages associated with carrying these binocular while traveling:

  • One can click bright images at good quality contrast
  • Instant Zooming for quick Image clicking
  • Dioptric eyepiece meeting every eyesight level of every individual

This Powerful pair of binoculars has magnifying abilities and heavy weight of a bulky binocular. Despite the large size, you can carry these binoculars in hand. Its reasonable price range would surely drive you crazy.

Military Zoom Binoculars

This pair of binoculars is powerful enough and can magnify images in the range of 20 to 140X gathering huge light making it a perfect model for viewing in low light conditions. Various Advantages of using this model includes:

  • Wider field of view allows you to see bigger area
  • No eye fatigue
  • Fine-tuned Diopters
  • Durable design
  • The model comes along with a tripod Mount, so you don’t have to actually carry the model in hand. You can simply mount your binoculars at a convenient place and view the images you like the most.

Celestron 71020 SkyMasterZoom Binoculars

This pair of Binoculars offers superior performance and all thanks to its large size of objective lenses.  This versatile unit is mostly used in astronomy and many other outdoor activities. Minimum Magnification range of 25mm to maximum 125mm is very good to view objects that are otherwise not possible to see. Tripod stand allow users to view and get entertained for long hours. Various Advantages of using this model includes:

  • This pair of Binoculars works well for the distant viewing of terrestrial objects.
  • Fine-tune Diopter for fine focusing
  • Eye safeguard measures provided for the people wearing eyeglasses
  • Waterproof design

Concluding words

All of these models that we just saw are the powerful Binoculars models available at good magnification ranges. You can select any one of them to experience a new world of binoculars.

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Which Binoculars are Stronger?

Are you looking for Binoculars but don’t know which one to buy? You must be looking for the two basic criteria’s.’

  1. Price
  2. Magnification range

Well, this is not just enough while buying binoculars for yourself. You will have to balance the quality, performance, functionality, and your pocket as well. You must check the specifications of the binoculars you are buying. After thorough research, you can buy the binoculars of your choice that would be your long term companion for years to come. Let us now see areas that determine the stronger of a Binocular:

Know your area of usage.

The first step to deciding which pair of Binoculars has the strongest power is the area it will be used. You need to decide its application area like

  • Birding or hunting,
  • Watching games at stadium events,
  • Enjoying races from a distance,
  • Astronomical usage,
  • Viewing hiking scenes, etc.

When you view through a pair of binoculars you are actually seeing the field of view and the quality of view differentiates how the magnification and the lens quality can affect the binoculars quality. This quality of the Image view must meet the buyers’ expectations in order to determine its power.

While birding, you need to closely watch the birds’ movement, its feathers, and other parameters that define how strong a particular Binocular is?

Day Hiking event capture and viewing are not common when it comes to buying Binoculars for the desire of day hiking.

Focusing ability

A professional hunter may not like to go too close to the stadium events, wild animals, and much more so he or she will look for binoculars that have the strong focusing ability. The same is true for the horse races, no one is interested in the strips on a horse’s body instead, and people prefer wide angle view so that each and every moment of the race is viewed without any delays.

Usage of Twilight in Binoculars makes it strong

Hunter and birders prefer to use binoculars in daylight so, at this point in time, they need to carry binoculars that have the high capacity objective lens to track objects in the twilight. A lot of Binoculars model come with harnesses that protect the user from any kind of fatigue. If you are carrying full-sized binoculars, there are high chances that you may end up getting muscle fatigue. So, you need harnesses.

Coating on Objective lens defines strongest Binoculars

You need to consider lens coatings as well. You might have studied in your school days that some part of the light that enters the lens surface is reflected back to the lens and the coatings on lens reduce the amount of this reflected light. This reflected light is not good for observing the images through binoculars, so coating from different materials is done to prevent reflections or minimize reflections.

There are many other features that can help you analyze how strong any particular Binocular is? You need to be slight careful and take these tips into consideration while buying binoculars for yourself.

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Binoculars Buying Guide : Choosing the best ones that are right for your needs!

The world’s most used optical instrument, binoculars are loaded with extraordinary features, and there are many types which will leave any common man confused. There are a variety of binoculars available in the market, and it becomes a tedious task to choose the best one. When you choose the best binocular, you must understand its purpose so that you can choose the right combination for your needs.

Different types of binoculars you may try!

  • Bird watching
  • Travel binoculars
  • High power Binoculars
  • Hunting
  • Marine
  • Astronomy
  • Compact binoculars
  • Jungle/forest Safari
  • Whale/dolphin watching binoculars
  • Horse racing
  • Binoculars for children
  • Plane spotting binoculars
  • Compact Monocular

The specification and configuration of every binocular are different and hence, you must choose the right one to serve its purpose for better clarity.

How to choose the right specification?

How far can I see with a binocular? The answer is simple! It allows you to see as far as your eyes can reach! The purpose of the binocular is to view the objects closer that you would see with your eyes. Binoculars are configured and differentiated based on their numbers. The power of magnification plays a significant role. The 10x binocular will allow you to view the object 10 times closer to you. It is highly recommended to use a tripod so that the images are clear and not shaky.

The diameter of the objective or the front lens allows light to enter the binocular and present a bright image. So, when the diameter is large, the images are crisp and clear. The numbers and the specification of the binoculars are different based on their uses so; you must analyze the purpose of the device and choose the right one that would serve the purpose.

Binocular design suitable for people wearing eyeglasses!

The Twist-up, soft rubber fold-down eyecups, Pop-up option on the binoculars are beneficial for those who wear eyeglasses. With the fine focus and adjustment, the eyeglass wearers can feel the best experience while using the binoculars. There are adjustments that can be made easily to accommodate clear vision on both the eyes. The focus knob in the binocular will help you to change its minimum focus and close focus to look at an object at the nearest distance.

Differences in type and specification

The normal hunting binoculars are available in 7 X to 10x magnification and the higher range reaches to 12x or 16x. The standard bird watching binoculars are available at 8×42 or 10x – 12 x with 42 or 50mm. Outdoor specifications are 7X to 10X. If you know the purpose, you will be able to pick the right one!

Comfort factor of the binoculars

Concentrate on the weight of the binocular. Prefer a standard one for tours and trips and if you are looking for a professional one, you must ensure that it doesn’t hurt your neck. Use Tripod to mount the binocular for better clarity of images. Clean the lenses of the binocular with microfiber material to avoid scratches!

Understand the purpose of your binocular and choose the best specification that works effective and meets the purpose!

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